How To Watch Football World Cup 2018 Qualifiers Matches on Kodi

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Football World Cup 2018 Qualifiers Matches

Hi guys, Football World Cup 2018 Qualifiers matches are on full swing with interesting matches between great teams, qualifying matches started since days ago i.e on 5 October. FIFA World Cup 2018-Russia will be biggest sports event in coming year. As the World Cup is so close that is on 14 June,2018, less than a year far, qualifying matches are already being played to determine participants. UEFA countries (which are mostly located in Europe) are gearing up to have a chance at next year’s big tournament.

Football World Cup 2018 Qualifiers

We update this blog on daily basis and share results day to day wise. There is a great challenge for some favorite countries as well, though they are looking to win and qualify for next year’s tournament include England, France, Portugal, Italy, Spain, and Turkey. This week’s qualifying games include spicy match ups such as Portugal vs. Switzerland, Bosnia vs. Bosnia Herzegovina, and England vs. Slovenia.

How to Watch Football World Cup 2018 Qualifiers Matches on Kodi Free

Kodi is a good way to watch all of your favorite sports, TV shows, and movies from the comfort of your couch. Simply install latest version of Kodi on your laptop or android, then setup few necessary add-on and Enable VPN for security purpose. You should have a good internet connection of 10-20 Mbps, you can watch live sports, Movies and TV shows etc. Here are the few addon that will stream live football matches.
Here are some examples of third party Kodi addons that will support you to watch Crolla vs Burns Fight live streaming on Kodi Free:

FIFA world cup matches 2017

List of Channels on which Football World Cup 2018 qualifiers matches will be shown:
  • Sky Sports (Easily available on Cerebero IPTV/mobro)
  • Abu Dhabi Sports 6
  • Cosmeto Sports 7
  • Sports TV 5 (Easily available on Zem Tv)
  • Sports Club 1
  • Box Sports (Easily available on Secret TV VIP/mobro)

Unfortunately, the rising popularity of Kodi has brought unwanted attention from governments and copyright issues may create problems for users. Hence we recommend to secure use of Kodi with VPN would be better.

Football World Cup Qualifiers- Schedule and Results

We have tried to compile match fixture in a short way if you want to get full details you may official FIFA website & UEFA european-qualifiers official site.

fifa qualifiers matches on kodi

November 11, Saturday

      • Zambia vs. Cameroon– 15:00 local time
      • Gabon vs. Mali – 15:30
      • New Zealand vs. Peru – 16:15
      • Morrocco vs. Cote de Viore– 18:00
      • Libya vs. Tunisia – 18:30
      • Congo De vs. Guinea – 18:30
      • Denmark  vs. Republic of Ireland – 20:45

November 12, Sunday

      • Ghana vs. Egypt – 15:30
      • Congo vs. Uganda – 15:30
      • Switzerland vs. Northern Ireland – 18:00
      • Greece vs. Croatia – 21:45

November 13, Monday

      • Itlay vs. Sweden – 20:45

November 14, Tuesday

    • Senegal vs. South Africa  – 19:30
    • Burkina Faso vs. Cape Verde Island – 19:30
    • Republic of Ireland vs. Denmark – 19:3

November 15, Wednesday

  • Australia vs. Honduras  – 20:00
  • New Zealand vs Peru – 21:15

If you face any problem please comment here or feel free to contact. We will update our blog during match and your better suggestions will be highly appreciated.

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