How can streaming on Kodi become illegal? How to make it Legal?

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How can streaming on Kodi become illegal?

Is streaming on Kodi legal?
There are Thousands of people turning to Kodi for their streaming of sport, TV and films.
The boxes have proved a huge hit with people desperate to watch PPV events, movies – and even the top football matches of the week, on the cheap.
But there is a HUGE confusion for users, a trader is being hauled to court in a landmark case over their legality.
Every one has one question in his/her mind that How can streaming on Kodi become illegal? How to make it legal?
Let’s analyze the picture to conclude for legality of Kodi addon.

Is Kodi legal now?

It’s a big question mark? there is a story published on website.

The confusion around the legality of the boxes is so great that it could take a court case involving Middlesbrough resident Brian Thompson to help settle it.

Mr Thompson is thought to be the first man brought to court to face allegations of selling pre-loaded Kodi or Android boxes.

The boxes themselves are, effectively, legal.

But realistically, the only reason you would ever want one is it if was bought either pre-loaded or altered in order to watch PPV content.

This content can range from Sky Sports to films currently in the cinema.

The claims prosecutors, is illegal. That could result in a lengthy court process which could drag out a definitive ruling on the devices.

Are there any other similar legal cases?

One has just finished, and resulted in one man receiving a four year jail sentence for conspiracy to defraud.

In what was first to be the first sentencing of its kind, Terry O’Reilly was handed the tough term for flogging over 1,000 boxes to pubs.

The pubs used them to illegally stream Premier League football matches.

Following the result, Premier League Director of Legal Services Kevin Plumb said: “The courts have provided a clear message: this is against the law and selling systems which allow people to watch unauthorised Premier League broadcasts is a form of mass piracy and is sufficiently serious to warrant a custodial sentence.

“There can now be no doubt for consumers that these systems are illegal.”

So they are no longer on-sale?

Oh, and there’s a third charge involving “advertising a product to circumvent technological measures”.

That case focuses specifically on selling pre-loaded boxes.

Other ecommerce like Tesco and Amazon are selling similar devices, although they aren’t pre-loaded.

Let sum up the results that Kodi in its unaltered form is perfectly legal.

  • The software itself is not illegal, nor is it illegal to sell devices with Kodi pre-installed on them.
  • Kodi devices come pre-loaded with third party plug-ins and add-ons that allow users to stream pirated content to their TV.
  • Selling these “fully loaded” TV set-top devices is a breach of the Copyright.

Hope that now you will be in good position to decide “How can streaming on Kodi become illegal?”