How To Fix Kodi Error: Failed to install a dependency?

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Failed to Install a dependency

Hi Guys, If you are facing the problem “Failed to install a dependency” then you don’t be worry ; Here is the easy step by step solution.
First of all we should be aware about that, What is the meaning of a “dependency”?

It is very simple that some add-on may rely on other add-on that is plugins which are not part of Kodi software, in order to execute their own functionalities. These ad-dons, which are required and used by other addons are called dependencies.

Dependencies Missing error or Failed to install dependency is one of the most common errors that users face while installing a particular Addon on Kodi. There are two main reasons :
i) It is  because you are missing some dependencies on your Kodi for that particular addons
ii) This error has been observed  to be messed up cache data and the easiest way to fix that is to Clear Cache on your Kodi. You can Click here to know how to clear cache on Kodi.
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When are we susceptible to encounter “Failed to install a dependency” error?

We may encounter this error :

  1. When we install a new addon.
  2. When we / Kodi’s auto-updater updates an existing addon.

Why Kodi Fails To Install A Dependency

There could be various reasons why Kodi may fail to install a dependency, to give you an idea, it may happen when the repository from which Kodi tries to fetch the dependency is offline, so it cannot be reached therefore. Or, it may happen when your Internet connection is blocked from reaching a certain website – due to geo-block restrictions or firewall policies, etc.

Fixing The Error Failed to install a dependency

  1. Go to the  folder and wipe all the dependencies
    Main Screen > System > Settings > Add-ons > System > Dependencies > Beautifulsoup
  2.  Restart Kodi try reinstall the add-on again if it fails again
  3. Go back to main menu, then manually download the zip file and use “Install from zip file” method.
    4. Download the file
  4. Do not unzip it. Use “Install from zip file” method to install it.

Fix Failed To Install A Dependency Error In Kodi
6. Select kodi-repos and then english. Scroll down until you find the repository called Select it.
failed to install a Dependency error in Kodi
7. After the dependency is installed, 3B Metro add-on should be install properly.
Hope that you can easily get rid off Kodi error “Failed to Install a dependency”.

If still you are facing the problem then you may get support through this video.