How to Fix Script Failed Error on Kodi and Update Addon to work properly

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How to Fix Script Failed Error or Kodi

FIX Script Failed Error on KODI XBMC.

What Is A Script Failed Error?
It’s a usually warning notice from Kodi to inform you that Some thing goes wrong or mismatch or incompatable with system setting.
It really could mean absolutely anything but getting these errors is actually a really good thing and you’ll now find out why.This error appears, most of the time when we want to see a video. And this is due to the fact that the add-on is not compatible with the version of KODI we are using.

What can we do when you encounter an error on Kodi ? The errors can be of following types:

  • XBMC ESPN addon errors
  • Xbmc Youtube Search Script Error
  • Error code 404: Fie not found
  • Maintenance tool not working
  • Kodi log up-loader error
  • Python error on Video addon and many more
 The answer is in your hand, Don’t be so stressed. Just type that error in Google search option, hope that you will be solved.Lets discuss our topic  Script Failed Error.  “Script failed! :” error on XBMC can occur because of various reasons, hence it would be impossible to answer all cases and at the same time keep this post short and concise. I am going to write here general guidelines for Kodi Errors.

Fixing Failed Script Error – General Guidance

1. The first thing you have to find out what error exactly do you have? to do so you’ll need to trigger the error so it will be logged on your xbmc.log file.
2. Once you made the error occur, go straight to your xbmc.log file which is inside XBMC’s user configuration directory. I.e. on my Linux system it’s inside “/home/liron/.xbmc/temp/xbmc.log”
Note :-  You have to Enable to show all hidden files
3. Now open the file and search for the word “Errno” which should be typically, near the end of the file. Note the number of the error and what it says afterwards – the error description.
4. Next is to search for a solution online, either by searching on any engine just like google or yahoo or any other.
5.Let suppose we are going to Fix Errorno97 Fix XBMCtorrent [Errno 97]

I have read out many articles/blogs and streamed many video tutorial on youtube and came up with that conclusion that there is no accurate or upto mark solution for the problem.There are few basic solutions to help you Fixing Script Failed Error:

  • Download older version of Kodi
  • Force to Update Kodi addon
  • Clear Maintenance Cache or Kodi Cache
  • Clear Garbage data