what is kodi buffering and how to fix it

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This article will provide you an detail info about Kodi buffering and how to fix Kodi buffering issue. If you are using Kodi for a long period of time, you might have noticed this issue. And some buffering issues are annoying, most of us might lose our patience and shutdown Kodi. It won’t happen again after reading this step by step tutorial.

What is buffering in Kodi?

To solve this issue, some basic understanding of buffering and buffer memory is mandatory. Mostly Kodi streaming is of two types, from the remote server or in your home server setup. In either of the cases, buffer memory plays a vital role. While streaming these contents, they are download and stored in the temporary memory. This temporary memory is called buffer memory. Depending on the size of RAM, size of buffer changes.

For instance, if you are watching a movie. A size of a movie file is around 4 GB. And consider your Kodi having 2 GB RAM. Then the size of your buffer would be 20 MB. Only 20 MB of contents are downloaded and stored in your buffer. After playing this 20 MB, the buffer is cleared and the process continues for next 20 MB. This goes on till the movie ends. Here downloading and clearing the buffer is the main reason for buffering.

How to stop Kodi buffering

If your buffer memory is high, like 60MB. Then while playing the first 20 MB (divide into 3*20MB), next 20MB files will be downloaded in the background. While playing the second set, the third set will be downloaded. And when playing the third set, first set and second set will be cleared and ready for reuse. And the cycle repeats. This is a theoretical explanation on how to stop buffering. Let’s see how to stop buffering in your Kodi.

How to increase buffer memory in Kodi

Most of us, use Kodi in Kodi boxes, firestick or PC. To increase the buffer, you have to increase the RAM. It cant be done on these devices. So you have to go for alternate methods. There are 2 methods to increase the size of your buffer memory without changing or increasing RAM.

  1. Configuring advanced settings
  2. Clearing Cache

Configuring advanced settings

You have to create an advanced settings xml file. In that you have to change settings depends on your need. And update the settings, these will reflect in your Kodi.  To create an advanced settings xml file, follow the steps below.

  1. Select settings from your Kodi home screen
  2. Select File manager.
  3. Select add source.
  4. Select None.
  5. Enter repo URL as “http://repo.supremebuilds.com/
  6. Enter any name for repo and click Ok.
  7. Go to home screen and select addons.
  8. Select Package installer icon.
  9. Select install from zip file.
  10. Select the source you named.
  11. Select repository zip file
  12. Wait till its installation completes.
  13. Select install from repository
  14. select Supreme build repo
  15. Select program addons.
  16. Select supreme build wizard.
  17. Select install.
  18. Wait till installation completes.
  19. Select supreme build wizard from the home screen.
  20. Now select maintenance.
  21. Choose system tweaks/fixes
  22. Select advanced settings
  23. Select configure advanced settings.xml.
  24. Change settings depend on your need and click write file.
  25. Reboot your Kodi for changes to be saved.

Clearing Cache

Cache is temporary files left behind due to streaming. These cache files include log file, thumbnails, and some other system files. These are unwanted files, filling up the used memory. So you need to delete those files, to use the available memory to the fullest extent. Follow the below steps to clear cache.

  1. Open Supreme build wizard.
  2. Select maintenance.
  3. Select cleaning tool.
  4.  Select total clean up.
  5. It will ask for confirmation, select clear all.
  6. Reboot your Kodi.

That’s all about fixing buffering error in Kodi. If you are still facing the issue do let me know. I will try my best to solve the issue. All suggestions regarding the article are welcome.