How to Protect Kodi using Kodi Master Lock Code

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Kodi Master Lock Code

Kodi Master Lock Code is a small password you can place on different areas of the Kodi application including locking your libraries or settings screens. If you have small children using your media centre you may want to implement some Kodi parental control. In this post I will show you how to lock Kodi media centre. You will learn how to set passwords on the content that you want to remain secure. If you are new user then you may know about Kodi.

How to Protect Kodi using Kodi Master Lock Code

In tutorial How to Protect Kodi using Kodi Master Lock Code post we will be using Kodi 17.1 Krypton but if you have older version of application, please update to Kodi 17. Before making any changes to your system please ensure that you backup Kodi. When you system is backed up you are ready to password protect Kodi.

Setting a Kodi Master Lock Code

To start the process, Open Kodi main settings window by clicking on the small gear at the top of the main menu. Once in settings select Interface settings as shown in the image below.
There are no many settings to choose from in this location. Select Master lock from the options on the left. All Kodi parental lock settings are contained within this window. Select Master lock code and settings as shown in the below screenshot.

By default Kodi Master lock code is disabled and all settings will appear greyed out. To begin changing your Kodi parental control settings and to set passwords on content click on the Master lock optionshown below.

Kodi Master Lock Password Types

When you do this you will see a set of password types usable as the Kodi Master Lock code. These options are:

  • Disabled
  • Numeric Password
  • Gamepad button combo
  • Full-text password

For this How to Lock Kodi guide we are going to use a simple four number numeric password. Select your chosen password type and you will then be prompted to enter the password you would like to use.

Kodi Master Lock Code on Startup

Another security area I want to mention in this How to Lock Kodi post is the ability to set a password on Kodi bootup. This means that all of your Kodi libraries, settings and addons are secured with a Kodi Master Lock Code. To do this select the cog at the top of the main menu to enter settings and then select Interface settings as we did previously. Navigate down to Master Lock and this time select Ask for master lock code on startup. Once this is set you will be prompted to enter a Kodi parental lock password on application startup.

Testing Your Kodi Parental Control – Password Protect Kodi

Once you have completed the above steps navigate to one of the libraries that you have secured. When clicking on Videos I am now presented with the following numeric pad. I must enter the password that I selected earlier. As soon as the password is entered you will be taken to the Video library as normal.

Kodi Master Lock Code

Your content is now secure and is only available to the people with your chosen password. You can repeat these steps for as many Kodi addons, libraries or settings you like. If you would like to remove the Kodi Master Lock Code you must go back into the Master Lock Code settings and set the password type to disabled.

Kodi Master Lock Code – Conclusion

A Kodi Master Lock Code is the perfect way to secure your content. It allows you to restrict what your media centre users can see. Whether you are looking for Kodi parental control or you simply want to prevent users from changing critical settings Kodi is simple to secure. A Kodi parental lock is a great way to ensure that your children cannot see movies that they are too young for. Kodi Master Lock can be implemented in no time at all and is easy to change if your passwords are compromised. Bundles of Thanks to for supporting me in writing this articles.