,, error fix [using 3 methods]

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Before getting started, you should know that, streaming movies, tv shows, live sports, PPV and other things on kodi is highly risky. So to hide your streaming activity and keep yourself protected, it is high recommended to make use of a VPN. Using VPN like IPVanish will keep you anonymous from online activity by hiding your IP. Sign up for IPVanish from this link to safety stream your favorite content on kodi.

Being a frequent user of Kodi, each and every one of us may come across stream authorization errors like,, It’s pretty simple issue. In order to solve this error, we first need to know the reason for this error.

Why do I get,, error?

Stream authorization error is caused due to unauthorized streaming. Of course, most of the streaming source of kodi are unauthorized only. Most of the sources are hosted on some secret servers. They might have some downtime. So in order to enjoy uninterrupted streaming, we have to go to a trusted source. Most of the kodi users are streaming from these sources. So in order to control excess traffic, they came up with a plan of stream authorization.

In stream authorization concept, if the traffic is higher than the normal traffic it can handle. It will provide a URL to authorize our IP. We have to enter the shown URL in our browser. By doing so we will authorize our IP. And open the kodi and enjoy streaming for 4 hours. This is one of the ways to prevent unexpected server shutdown.

But each and every time, doing stuff like this is bit annoying. So as a Kodi user, we must know some of the tricks to escape from this stream authorization error. We highly suggest you to use VPN like IPVanish to hide your identity online and surf anonymously. Moreover we can use VPN in this trick to get streaming permission for more than 4 hours.,, kodi error

Let us see in detail…,, kodi error fix guide [3 methods]

  1. By authorizing stream from your IP.
  2. By using URL resolver.
  3. Disable “hosters with captchas” option

By authorizing stream from your IP

This is the most simple and legitimate way to stream the content from, and Just note the URL in error popup and enter it in your browser. Then it will show your IP address. Just click on activate streaming. After that, it will show that “Your IP has been authenticated for 4 hours”.

Some people might want uninterrupted streaming all over the day. In that case, Just use VPN to mask your IP. You can repeat the process with different IP. This time the masked IP will get authenticated. After 4 hours change the IP in your VPN and repeat the process.

By using URL resolver

In this method, we will manually disable hosters with stream authorization. By doing this, only hosters without stream authorization will be displayed during the search for available streams.

  1. Go to settings > System settings.
  2. Change the settings mode to expert mode.
  3. Select addons Sub menu from left pane > manage dependency from right pane.
  4. Select URL resolver from the list.
  5. In the information page, Select Configure.
  6. Check resolvers list for “”.
  7. Disable the resolver > Select OK.

Now, while searching for the streaming link. It won’t show or link. By disabling all such resolvers you will end up with streams providing without authorization.

Personally, It is a very long process. At this point you might be thinking, Is there any one-click process to do all this? Actually, there is a simple way.

Disable “hosters with captchas” option

This method is similar to the previous method. But here we will disable all the hosters with authorization in a single click.

  1. Right-click on the addon, for which you want to disable hosters with captchas.
  2. Select settings > Playback in the left pane.
  3. Disable “hosters with captcha” option
  4. Select OK.

Now you have disabled the hosters with authorization option for that particular addon. You can also follow the same method for other addons.

That’s all about,, kodi error fixing tutorial. Hope you enjoyed reading.