Latest News: TVaddons site can’t be reached or connected

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TVaddons site:-If you are facing uncertain situation and are receiving error messages such as “TV Addons site can’t be reached or connected”, click here for the more information: 

Kodi users are facing great uncertainty situation,the leading library for unofficial Kodi add-ons can not connected. Tvaddons site’s domain names have become unresponsive after the DNS entries were removed.  It is unclear why these drastic actions were taken.

Several popular Kodi addons decided to shut down, and now TV Addons itself appears to be in trouble as well. Few days ago we mentioned in news that Kodi addons are going to be shutdown like Phoenix and Zem TV. But Few days before it was very much expected that Zem Tv addons will be back within few days.

TVAddons is one of the largest repositories of Kodi add-ons, which provided the facility for users to download and watch pirated content. The site has grown massively in recent years and reported that nearly 50 million unique users connected with site in May,2017.

Since yesterday,  millions of users can no longer access the site. Without prior warning or a public explanation, TVAddons’ domain name stopped responding. The domain’s DNS entries have been removed which means that it’s no longer accessible to the public.

Whenever users visit the website we just get the message  “TVAddons site can’t be reached or connected

This site can't be reached

TV Addons has also gone quiet on social media, the last updates on Twitter and Facebook date back more than a week ago. In fact, a few hours ago TVAddons’ Facebook page disappeared completely.  TVAddons’ Twitter page has also displayed “This account is protected” .


Due to current situation, users are going to worry. If TVAddons doesn’t return, the Kodi-addon community has lost what’s arguably its biggest player. The current status of is as below:

TVAddons current status

We are looking to Kodi Fix: TVaddons site can’t be reached or connected.Very tomorrow we will have to solve it.