VodLocker API: Installing the Velvet Hotdog Kodi Addon

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VodLocker  API

This new VodLocker  API allows you to install Velvet Hotdog Kodi Addon. VodLocker didn’t take well before mhancoc7 (the designer behind USTVnow for Kodi) saw a chance to build up a cool new Kodi addon controlled by this VodLocker API. It’s fundamentally a single tick sort addon, which means you tap the title of what you need to watch and it plays. There is no source choice or anything like that since it’s altogether taken care of by the VodLocker API itself.

New VodLocker API fueled addon for Kodi is called Velvet Hotdog. We don’t know what the engineer of this addon was intuition when he thought of this name, however it certainly has a ring to it. Much the same as whatever other Kodi addon, Velvet Hotdog can be effortlessly introduced to your gadget utilizing our Indigo apparatus. When it’s introduced, we suggest that you play around with it a bit to discover how it functions. Simply recall, if something doesn’t play the first run through, attempt it again and it most likely will work fine. Once the VodLocker API smoothes things out things ought to work impeccably. We’re currently going to walk you through introducing the Velvet Hotdog, VodLocker API controlled addon for Kodi.

How to Install Velvet Hotdog Kodi Add-on

Just follow the simple steps to successful install Velvet Hotdog Kodi Add-on.

Step 1: Click on the Add-ons tab.

Installing the Velvet Hotdog Kodi Addon

Step 2: Launch the Indigo tool shown on right side .Installing the Velvet Hotdog Kodi Addon

Step 3: Go to the Addon Installer menu.

Step 4: Click on the Video Addons from the list.Installing the Velvet Hotdog Kodi Addon

Step 5: Choose the letter V from the listing.Installing the Velvet Hotdog Kodi Addon

Step 6: Select the Velvet Hotdog addon for Kodi.Installing the Velvet Hotdog Kodi Addon

Step 7: Click on the Install button to get the Velvet Hotdog Kodi addon installation.

Step 8: Just Wait till  few seconds for the Velvet Hotdog Kodi addon to complete the download process.Installing the Velvet Hotdog Kodi Addon

Result:   You have done Velvet Hotdog Kodi addon installation successfully, you may now return to your Kodi home screen.

Installing the Velvet Hotdog Kodi Addon